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Paul Moore Chairman Blakenhall The Grange, Checkley Lane, Wrinehill, CW3 9DB
Elizabeth Wilson Deputy Hunsterson Brown Moss Farm, Pewit Lane, Hunsterson, CW5 7PP
Charmian Brewin
Checkley Checkley Green Cottage, Checkley Lane, Checkley, CW5 7QA
Janet Clowes Hunsterson Doddington Old Vicarage, Bridgemere Lane, Hunsterson, CW5 7PS
Kenneth Rowe Bridgemere Bridgemere Villa, Bridgemere Lane, Bridgemere, CW5 7PX
Carl Dovey Bridgemere Foxes Bank Cottage, Bridgemere Lane, Hunsterson CW5 7PN
Linda Bebbington Hunsterson The Crofts, Pewit Lane, Hunsterson, CW5 7PP
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Robert Frodsham Doddington  Springfield, Bridgemere Lane, Hunsterson, CW5 7PN
Leslie Millington Bridgemere The Croft Cottage, Pewit Lane, Hunsterson, CW5 7PP
Peter Taylor Lea The Hollies, Checkley Lane, Checkley, CW5 7QA
Ralph Bason
  185 Alton Street, Crewe, CW2 7PU. t. 01270 567462
Kieran Sawford
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Council Minutes / Accounts / Audit Statements

Please click the links below to download the minutes you require (unsigned), signed copies are available on request.

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